Using Melrōse requires installing a few components.


A complete melrose installation on your PC requires:

  • Installation of Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  • Installation of the extension melrose-for-vscode
  • Installation of the melrose console application for your operating system

Install Melrōse plugin for the free Visual Studio Code editor

You can install the extension directly from your running Visual Studio Code Editor or by going to the Marketplace published package →

Download prebuild Melrōse application

These are binaries that have been build for a particular operating system. Recent version of those operating systems require binaries to be signed to verify the content but they still allow you to bypass the security warnings. Creating signed binaries is not for free ; let me know if you want to donate to this project to make that happen.

Microsoft Windows

Apple Mac

Install Melrōse from source

Instructions to get the source, install the runtime dependencies and compile the program, is documented in the README → of the project.

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