Musical object notations.


Format: (fraction)(dot)(name|=)(accidental)(dynamic)

Note names are case-insentivive but are always displayed in uppercase.

C4cquarter C, octave 4
2e52E5Halftone (2 x ¼), E octave 5
1c1CFull tone C, octave 4
f#F#F sharp
g_G_G flat
.g.Gduration fraction x 1.5 = 3/8
==quarter rest
2=half rest
1=1=full rest
d+D+quarter D, octave 4, MezzoForte
16.e#–16.E#–sixteenth, E sharp, fraction x 1.5, Piano
32f32Fthirtytwo F
n = note('c#5')

Note dynamics

-----Pianissississimo (pppp)
----Pianississimo (ppp)
---Pianissimo (pp)
--Piano (p)
-MezzoPiano (mp)
o (not 0)Normal (character is optional)
+MezzoForte (mf)
++Forte (f)
+++Fortissimo (ff)
++++Fortississimo (fff)
+++++Fortissississimo (ffff)
n = note('e++')


C D E F4 quarter tones
(8C E) (d5 f5)2 doublets; first doublet has an eight length, second is a quarter
(1C E G)C Chord; whole length
doremi = sequence('c d e')

Pedal control

Usable in sequence or note.

>sustain pedal down
<sustain pedal up
^sustain pedal up and immediately down


c#5/m/2C sharp triad, Octave 5, Minor, 2nd inversion
a/7A Dominant seventh chord
e/maj7E Major seventh chord
g/m7G minor seventh chord
1=No chord, a whole rest note
d/dimD diminished triad
d/oD diminished triad
f/dim7/1F diminished seventh, 1st inversion
c/augC augmented triad
e/+E augmented triad
b_/+7B flat augmented seventh
b7 = chord('b/7')


c5C major scale, Octave 5
e/mE natural minor scale, Octave 4
g/maj7G major 7 scale, Octave 4
sf = scale(2,'f')

Chord Progression

Iifirst chord in scale ; if scale is “C” then sequence is “(C E G)”
V7v7(G B D5 F5)
Imaj7imaj7(C E G B)
viidimVIIdim(B D5 F5)
p = progression('c', 'ii V I') // Major C scale, (D F A) (G B D5) (C E G)

Chord Sequence

c/m d/mC minor followed by a D minor
(c3 c5)C major, Octave 3 together with a C major, Octave 5
e =E major followed by a quarter rest note
cs = chordsequence('c f g')

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