04 Loop

create a loop

s = sequence('c d e f g a b')
lp = loop(a)

A loop plays one or more musical objects repeatedly. The tempo at which the notes of the objects are played is set using the bpm function. The loop object must be assigned a the variable, here lp because the program needs a reference in order to play or stop the loop.


Using the editor with the plugin, it is much easier to play a loop using cmd+3 and stop it with cmd+5.

pitch loop

i = interval(0,4,1)
p = pitch(i,sequence('c d e f g a b'))
l = loop(p,next(i))

An interval is a non-musical object that can generate integer numbers. In this example, it will generate the numbers 0 1 2 3 4 and will repeat them in this order. A pitch is a musical object modifier that changes the pitch of each note with the number of semitones. In this example, the pitch of the notes of a sequence is increased by the current value of i. On each loop entry, the pitched sequence is played and the interval is asked to go to the next value using next(i).

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