VSC Plugin

Microsoft Visual Studio Code Plugin.


See instructions → on how to install this plugin after you have installed Visual Studio Code. This editor extension works with .mel and .melrose files. The syntax of the program uses the Melrōse Lanugage →.

⌘+e : Evaluate

To evaluate a single line statement or expression, the cursor must be on that line and then use cmd+e. You can also evaluate source you have selected using the same shortcut cmd+e. To evaluate a program, you need to select all the source and use cmd+e.

⌘+3 : Play

To play a single line statement or expression, use cmd+3. You can also evaluate the function play(...).

⌘+5 : Stop

To stop a running loop or listener, use cmd+5. You can also evaluate the function stop(...).

⌘+2 : Inspect

To inspect a variable or a function, just hover with your mouse pointer above its name. To explicitly inspect the value of an expression, use cmd+2.

⌘+k : Stop all sounds

To stop sounds being played, including loops, use cmd+k.

Editing tips


Lines that start with // are not evaluated ; these are commment lines.

// this is comment

Lines can have inline comment at the end.

s = note('C#') // C sharp, Octave 4


A statement can span multiple lines, each line after the first must be indented by either a TAB or 4 spaces.

  y = sequence('F#2 
  [TAB]C#3 F#3 A3 C# F#')
  x = sequence('A 

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